What is MIVAN Construction?

Mivan could even be a top quality aluminium structure developed by a eu construction company mentioned as Mivan Company Ltd. the company from Malaysia started manufacturing these work systems in 1990. This new quite work is strictly suitable for constructing large quantities of homes at a faster speed. The speed of construction must tend greater importance for large housing projects. the important estate industry has come up with a wise method of construction which is known because the “MIVAN formwork system”. In Mumbai, there are a huge number of buildings that are being constructed with the help of the Mivan technology, that the overall Indian land market has been declared as economical also as satisfying.

With the other parts of the world , Mivan technology has been used widely in Europe, Asia, Gulf Countries also . In one constant pour on concrete to construct walls and slabs, it's suitable for constructing a huge number of homes during a fast period using room size.

On the use of latest and innovative construction techniques land stakeholders are increasingly emphasising a developing consider affordable homes. Mivan is one such technology that's being promoted for its ability to help mass construction activities.

The technology has not been used largely in India. Its use is being promoted in India to know the foremost ambitious government scheme – Housing for All by 2022. The concept is popular in Gulf countries, Europe and a couple of of parts of Asia.

Mehul Thakur, Director, Viva Homes, asserts, there is a requirement to consider new construction technologies which can reduce construction time and price to make housing affordable for the masses. Mivan Shuttering is that the answer to this technology which can also confirm the standard and strength of buildings by saving time and money.

Mivan Construction technique:

1. fixing the wall reinforcing steel - The aluminium formworks are projected around the steel network, which can be a processing plant made and straightforwardly raised on the building site .

2. Placement of aluminium formwork - Along the wall reinforcing steel, reconstructed room-sized walls and floor slabs are raised. These aluminium alloy slabs are exactly made and are easy to handle. Spaces for windows, ducts, doors and other features like staircases, façade panels and Chajjas are also integrated with these structures. Using the pin and wedge system the forms are joined together.

3. Pouring concrete – A high-quality concrete is poured. This concrete takes the form and shape of the cast, which is later removed to make way for a structure made entirely of cement concrete supported by wall reinforcing steel. resulting in minimum waste from the event site the aluminium forms are often reused a minimum of 250 times. Mivan Technology has certain demerits while construction. thanks to the small sizes of components used the finished structure could have visible finishing lines. After the structure is made , modifications are difficult to make , thereby making the building inflexible. thanks to shrinkage the walls and slabs could also show cracks. Using control strips within the structure or by reducing the heat of hydration and by using ash are often prevented. It could convince be a blessing for Indian land if the advantages of the technology meet the larger goal of 'Housing for All.